Haugen Farm

Aure commune in Norway

Haugen Farm is a very large farm of 42.162.055 square feet. It is one of the few farms that are not divided into small plots. The farm has 1000 meters of shoreline and extends 7.000 meters into the mountains and the highest point is over 800 meters above sea level. The property called Haugen is steep and the forest stands in the most steep terrain. This results in unprofitable operation and maintenance due to the challening nature. But at the same time, the terrain offers fantastic views over the beautiful Aursundet and the surrounding mountains. The property is wonderful for mountain hikes, walks and adventures.

Work is being done to create and mark trails to vantage points for experiences and photography. The extensive maintenance program opens up and reveals new places for experiences for the visitors.

The whole municipality is very inviting in terms of tourism due to the extraordinary maritime nature with mountains, fjords, straits, and the sea beyond. Here there are fantastic opportunities for holidays on foot, by bike, by car and boat and there are several restaurants and guest house located by the sea that you can visit no matter how you travel. There are also many places where local produced food as apples, cider, juice, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, seeking out this is good experiences in themselves.

The goal is to create the biggest tourist attraction in the municipality.

  • Price for 1 square foot € 29
  • Price for 5 square feet € 120
  • Price for 10 square feet € 150